EVENT | Celebrating artisanal fisheries in Rome

Organization: Centro Internazionale Crocevia Onlus

Date: 7 July 2022 (TBC)

@: Mediateca delle Terre – Via Prenestina, 175, Rome

This meeting will be a divulgation IYAFA event for a broad audience in Rome.  Artisanal Fisheries is always about the way of life that provides food and income for over a hundred million people globally. However, fisher people’s territories and resources are increasingly being grabbed: the entire blue economy agenda spanning from displacing people in the name of conservation (Marine Protected Areas – MPAs), to massive-scale investments for fish farming, to expand ports to facilitate more global trade, and to unprecedented sound blasting and drilling for oil and gas are examples of contemporary development that have and continue to dispossess fishing communities. We hope IYAFA will become the year for fisher people all over the world to scale up resistance and mobilise masses in demands for restitution and regeneration of nature. The IPFWG will present the video SSF people are, the SSF Guidelines and the CBD handbook.